Writers Day/Writers Week

Here is the link to the May 2014 Writers Day page:  Writers Day

Check it out for information on present and past writer visits.  

The fabulous group of colleagues I was honored to present with at NCTE 2013 in Boston.

The fabulous group of colleagues I was honored to present with at NCTE 2013 in Boston.

Modeling our purpose and format from the acclaimed Fremd High School’s Writers Week, my school’s annual Writers Day began five years ago as an opportunity for students to celebrate and experience writing in ways that classroom time does not allow. We have visiting authors as well as student and faculty writers share, perform and discuss their work. This day-long celebration includes poetry slams, q & a, and read alouds.  It is a day our entire school looks forward to!!

I had the honor of speaking at the NCTE 2013 annual convention to speak about Writers Week with colleagues representing six states.  Here is that link:  NCTE 2013 presentation

Pictures from PHS Writers Day 2014

(photos courtesy of Jennifer Krause)

Me with WGN reporter, Amy Rutledge!

Me with WGN reporter, Amy Rutledge!


Amy Rutledge of WGN and Chicago Tribune speaks to journalism students


Patrick Bromley talks about knowing your audience!


Jan Bottiglieri reads some of her poetry!


PHS Student, Morgan Anderson, talks about publishing and editing!






PHS English Teacher Jeff Leathem reads from his own writing!


PHS English Teacher, Sean Berleman, shares his published children’s books!



Jessica Vealitzek talks about stories within each of our lives!



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