Technology in the Classroom

It was growing up with two parents providing my brother and I with the latest games and gadgets that spawned my interest in technology. I remember my father surprising us one day, walking through the garage door eagerly carrying an Atari game console way back when it first came out in September 1977 along with many, many games piled on top. Other early favorites of mine included Speak & Spell (always loved spelling and reading and writing!), an Electronic Detective game (because I love mystery) and a 2XL robot that would quiz us on the latest trivia with his robotic voice and bleeps.

In high school, my penchant for technology in education was already starting to show with my enrollment in a data processing course. In college, I made use of all technology available at NIU at the time (it was the late ’80s so it wasn’t readily available like today!) . . . I was a media center frequent flyer, being sure to type every single one of my papers, even if it wasn’t required. Later, at home, as a wife and mom, we always stocked our home with the latest desktop computer and learned how to use the latest devices.

When District 211 transitioned to 1:1 iPad use in the classroom, I eagerly jumped on board during the pilot year and have been learning ever since of the best practices to engage students and make best use of the technology at our fingertips. It’s an inherent interest of mine! From time to time, I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences here for colleagues, students and parents to peruse. Feel free to reach out via email with any comments, suggestions or questions. I’d enjoy the conversation.

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” ~John Dewey