AUGUST 2014 update:  I served as Literacy Coach program coordinator at Palatine High School, my teaching home for the past 13 years.  Beginning this year, I am excitedly beginning my new teaching journey at Palatine’s sister school, William Fremd High School.  I will be heavily involved with Fremd’s school newspaper, “The Logue,” and have retired my lit coaching hat.  Stay tuned for more updates on advising an online school newspaper!!   In the meantime . . . here’s the deets on the past PHS program:

2013-2014 School Year:   Literacy Coach Program

Posted on August 12, 2013

A group of certified reading specialists, along with myself, initiated the literacy coach program at my school four years ago.  It has since evolved in combination with our new teacher mentor program, in which we mentor our 1st – 4th year teachers.   Below is a very brief overview of the coaching relationship.  

Why do we have a literacy coaching program, anyway?!

    • Improving literacy is a school-wide responsibility.
    • Literacy coaches provide concrete strategies to empower teachers and students.
    • Teachers will be using a ‘common language’ about learning strategies.
    • Literacy focus allows for development of focused formative assessments in all content areas.
    • The experience helps teachers more easily identify potential weaknesses in comprehension.

I found this from Kara Pickens on Pinterest (follow her for GREAT secondary sources).  I am making something like this for our "Elite 8" strategies.  I will update this post when it is complete.

~ from Kara Pickens on Pinterest (follow her for GREAT high school sources)

PHS Literacy Coach Program OVERVIEW

1st Year Teacher Literacy Coach

2nd Year Teacher Literacy Coach

3rd/4th Year Teacher Literacy Coach

Individual meetings as needed

Quarterly Group Meetings (see below)

Individual meetings as needed

1 Mentee observation/semester

1 Mentee observation/semester

1 Co-Taught Lesson/semester

1 Coach observation/semester

1 Coach observation/semester

1 Coach observation/semester

Below are the minimal suggestions.  Coaches and mentees will work together to individualize schedules to best meet the needs of the teacher.

1st  Year Teacher Coaches:  

      • Within first week, introductions to Elite 8 literacy strategies; distribution of Literacy Strategies binder
      • Meet with teacher on as-needed basis (usually weekly emails and bi-weekly meetings)
      • Also, observe in classroom once per semester (complete observation sheet)
      • Have teacher observe your class once per semester

2nd Year Teacher Coaches:

      • 4 meetings/ 2 periods each (October, December, February, April)  Literacy coaches take turns volunteering to host these.
      • Coaches hosting are invited to add pertinent mini-topics along with the Elite 8 listed below (i.e. how to transfer a document to an ereader)
      • Observe in classroom once per semster (complete observation log)

Friday, Oct 4            Periods 1 – 2        Summarize/Visualize

Friday, Dec 6           Periods 3 – 4        Question/Monitor

Friday, Feb 8           Periods 5 – 6         Predict/Infer

Friday, April 5          Periods 7 – 8         Visualize/Evaluate

3rd & 4th Year Teacher Coaches:.

      • Help develop teacher evaluation portfolio
      • Suggestion from last year’s 2nd year teachers:  Coaches create a “research” assignment that the 3rd & 4th yr teachers will have to prepare in preparation for their portfolios
      • Have the teacher observe your class once per semester (complete observation sheet)
      • One co-taught lesson per semester

One final note:  Literacy experts out there in my PLN, I would truly value your feedback and suggestions.  Thanks in advance!

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