The “Elite 8 Strategies” Readers Use to Comprehend Text

I think that . . .  The clues I used were . . .
In previewing the headlines, subheads, or graphics, I believe this chapter will be about . . .

I get the gist of the paragraph by noting the key words . . . .
I identify the main idea by determining which details are important and which are not . . .
The theme of the story is . . .

Make connections
I know this about this subject . . .
This reminds me of something in my life, of another book, of a real world event. . .

I am inferring by using clues in the text along with what I already know about the subject . .
I also use text structure to make inferences. . . .

Ask questions
I am wondering . . .!?!
I actively search for answers to my questions as I read.

There’s a movie playing in my head while I read!
I create images in my head when I am reading by paying attention to specific words and phrases.

What do I think of the text, the author’s style, ideas and/or my reading?question
How is this text credible or biased?

Does the reading make sense?
What can I fix  if I do not understand the text?

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