About Me

I am enjoying my 20th year of teaching high school English. I spent my first two years at Crystal Lake Central (Township High School District 155), the next 13 at Palatine High School (Township High School District 211) and now am in the midst of my 5th year at the school I’m so very proud to call home, William Fremd High School (Township High School District 211). I currently serve on Fremd’s Digital Democracy team, Viking Network, and am also a member of our professional development team. Beginning this year,  I’m excited to add a new role as one of my school’s technology coaches and I cannot wait to help colleagues and students integrate technology to best serve their learning!!

In October 2016, I renewed my National Board Certification originally earned in 2006. Along with renewing my Administrative Certificate. I also hold endorsements in speech communications and reading. I believe teaching is not merely a job – it’s a way of life, it’s a passion. I don’t simply teach skills but strive to teach possibilities of empowering students to be the most innovative, proactive citizens (both digital and RL!) they can be in this ever-changing world we are helping to prepare them for.


**Please note: All writing on any of my blogging sites is my own and of my own opinion.