Driving with Google


August 20, 2014 – Tech Session

Here’s a link to materials from a technology session I hosted during our Teacher Institute.  This is the first year our ENTIRE district is going 1:1 and we couldn’t be more excited!!!  Enjoy and let me know what you think:


Fasten your seatbelts, here we go!!!!

Please click HERE for this session’s folder!


  1. Transferring from H:Drive to Google Drive  ??
  2. Essential Google Skills for Teachers
    1.  Open & Edit Word Files in Google Drive
    2.  Share Documents/Files
    3.  Create PDFs in Google Drive
    4.  Create and Organize Folders
  3.    Basic Student Workflow using Google Drive

4 thoughts on “Driving with Google

  1. Hi Theresa,
    I found your blog while I was doing research for an online Masters course in Global and Networked Learning at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. I teach IB Visual Art at an international school in India. We are in the third year of our 1:1 iPad program – grade 6-12. This year, we are changing over from using Edmodo to iTunes U as the main HW sharing and teacher-parent-student communication platform. We are all in the process of transferring all our course materials and unit plans from other places to iTunes U, which you can imagine is quite a process!

    As part of my masters course, I am working on a design-based research proposal where I want to introduce the use of student blogs in my IB Visual Art classes. I found your “Lucky 13 steps to meaningful footprints” very useful and also found it interesting to read about your experience of using both iTunes U and schoology (which I assume is similar to Edmodo). I will probably also still be using Edmodo even when all my courses are up on iTunes U. Have you ever tried Showbie on the iPad for assessment and feedback… I’ve just started using it and love it… worth checking out.

    I will be following your blog, and hopefully I will have my class blog up and running soon so that I can also share some of my experiences and ideas working in a 1:1 learning environment!

    Cheers, Mari

    • Hi Mari,

      Thank you so much for stopping by my site, taking a look around and leaving your comments. I can’t tell you what it means to be able to connect with global educators such as yourself and find that some of the information I share is useful.

      Once you have your class blog up and running, please share as I’d love to stop by and see what you are accomplishing at your international school in India. Perhaps we can have our students connect at some point?! I know my students – freshmen or seniors – would appreciate and enjoy the connection with international students such as yours. This will be my fourth year giving my students websites of their own along with blogging practice. What a great addition to our experience it would be to possibly globally connect with your students!! (p.s. . . I should be teaching my third round of a blogging in the classroom course very soon, so you’ll definitely see more posts up here all about that. I’d love your input.)

      I’m anxious to hear more about your conversion to iTunes U as well. As you can see by my previous posts, I’ve been using iTunes for the past two years with my freshman English classes. I have yet to discover another platform that offers some of the very convenient features that iTunes U currently does (i.e. the instant homework notification) and the seamlessness with iBooks.

      Yes, I believe Schoology is similar to Edmodo (or, so I’m told – I’ve never tried Edmodo myself). Like I tell my students, Schoolgy is kind of set up like a Facebook for education. The ease of organization materials into folders just can’t be beat!

      Mari, I’m truly looking forward to learning more about your trials and tribulations with your 1:1 classrooms. Let’s chat some more very soon and thank you again for stopping by!

      Until then, cheers back to you,

      • Theresa, thank you so much for your positive response. It is great to find such enthusiastic people “out there” in this vast ocean of information, websites and blogs. If it wasn’t for this wonderful course in NGL that I’ve just done, I would probably never have found your work… so I’m really thankful and excited about the prospects of forming some great global connections! I would definitely be interested in learning more and working with you from this side of the world. It would be fantastic if our students could connect once I’ve gotten mine to be all set up and feeling comfortable with this whole new endeavor! This opportunity gives me even more reason to hurry up and get started. I’ve only started my first blog about 2 months ago, as part of a university course requirement, so I still have plenty to learn. Luckily, as an artist and graphic designer, the creative process of blogging comes naturally to me; once I get my head around the tech bits, I’m just enjoying the process! My goal for the next few months is to get my students to have the same positive experience with blogging. Please stay in touch… I definitely will!

      • Wonderful! Let me know when you are ready to share more. In the meantime, good luck with your graduate endeavors! I look forward to connecting again soon.

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