Welcome to Grading Girl’s New Classroom Site!!

On my original site, GradingGirl.com, I’ve sincerely enjoyed the blogging experience over the past four years.  I’ve struggled, however, with the balance between professional and personal posting.  While teaching is in my blood, writing is my constant . . . Consequently, I’ve finally decided to divide between two sites – one for personal lifestyle posts and one for professional educational posts. This new site is bound to change along the way.  GradingGirl.com will still be alive and well in the wide web world – she’ll be reviewing all things worth reviewing along with providing fitness facts.  I’m anticipating this change will prompt me to share more on BOTH sites!

As always, I would more than welcome comments, suggestions, questions, and views on both sites.  I look forward to continue to grow as an educator, writer, and social media strategist.  Thank you in advance for joining me on this blessed journey.

**Finally, please note that all content I present here is of my own opinion and not necessarily that of the school district I work for.  Thank you!

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